Thursday, January 31, 2008

Alice had a relatively good day today. This morning's pain has subsided. The remaining two drainage tubes came out, but the one 'wound' from the tube kept on oozing ... seems like it stopped now, but it is likely to be from all the movement today (according to the physiotherapist). Apparently it wasn't very painful when they removed it, but it felt very weird when they pulled it out. She also walked around twice, which I believe is very good. And her sats is 100%. At the moment she is waiting to see the Doctors and to get the results from x-rays that was taken earlier today - she's quite nervous about this, as it will determine whether she needs some more drainage tubes.

She's also very excited to watch Private Practice (the 1st season started last week here is South Africa) as she missed the first episode ... And she is enjoying a coffee table book about Elizabeth I, which her mom bought for her.

I think, all and all, a good day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for another exciting update! Heres to hoping the tubes are gone for good!!!
Praying in NY, Amy

Anonymous said...

Still praying for Alice in snowy Michigan! It's exciting to hear that she's doing so well! Thanks for the frequent updates.

Anonymous said...


I have tried to get through to you to get the hospital address so I can send a card, but it keeps coming back. The news about Alice is so exciting, Praise the Lord. She is so blessed to have friends like you. Can you send me the address?
Linda in Louisiana
Mother of Mandy (with the angels) Kyle,Hunter,Brady wo/cf and Jamie w/cf

Mary said...

Still praying for a healthy happy Alice. God's blessing to you!

Mary in

Anonymous said...

I check for updates several times per day, so happy to hear the good news.
Michigan, USA

NCBeachMom said...

Glad to hear Alice continues to improve...

Raleigh, NC

Anonymous said...

Awesome update! Still praying for her. Sounds like God is answering all the prayers. Praise Him for all her progress! He alone is awesome!! Keep reporting the updates. I love to read them!
Shawna in Oklahoma