Monday, January 21, 2008

Great weekend!!!!

Wow, what a cool weekend this one was... I feel like I've got weekend-hangover. It happens when you've had an awesome weekend and then the Monday is just SUPER boring and depressing. Let me recap...

Saturday afternoon I did a bit of exercise, followed by a nice bath. After that my mom and dad and me drove out to a restaurant just outside the city overlooking the sea, The Sacremento. Had wonderfull coffee and Lemon Meringue (my favourite). In the evening 3 friends came over. We had nothing planned, my mom and I had just made some food for us to eat. We just talked and talked, was great. Couldn't stop talking untill eventually at 11:30pm we were all getting pretty tired and they left.

Yesterday a friend of mine who is leaving for the UK on Thursday had a farewell braai (BBQ) at my CF doctor's house. (She knows him from church, and they offered their garden for her party) I thought it might be a bit weird socialising with my Dr but it was fine. They've got the most amazing house and garden! It was very nice, and the weather was perfect. So we all just sat under the trees and ate etc. Some people were swimming but I tried not to be jealous! Two hours after being back home my parents had friends over for coffee, chocolate and sherry. One of the couples' daughter is one of my best friends from school, who works in Cape Town. She was here for the weekend, so we managed to see each other for a short while before she had to leave for the airport again! She wants to really raise awareness about organ donation (especially under all those drunk university students!), so that's great. After that I went to church, which was also very nice, and we had coffee afterwards. Well, cooldrink actually because it was so hot!

So all in all it was my best weekend of the year so far. This year's getting of to a good start, I hope it's a indication of things to come! I'm almost off to physio now. And this afternoon I'm having coffee with my ex's brother. Really looking forward to it! It's horrible when you used to feel like part of someone's family and then all that comes to an end when you break up. So it'll be great seeing his brother again, it's been a few months!

Hope everyone has a great week...

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