Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally, some news!!!

Yay! I got some long-awaited news today! (ok maybe not THAT long, but a few days can seem like forever if you check your e-mail every 10 minutes, lol!) The big thing is that I'm trying to arrange to have my transplant in the USA. I mentioned on the 13th of December (I think) that I received a potentially life-changing phonecall... well it was a guy who I very randomly and 'coincidentally' (I don't believe in coincedence. Everything happens for a reason) got into contact with who has had 2 lung transplants in the USA. He is also a South African, very nice man. So with his help I've tried to investigate the possibility of also going that route. Apparently the US is the only country who does organ transplants on foreigners...

So after sending some medical records and info over, I've been waiting for a reply. And I finally got it today. I just have to add that after finally receiving the long-awaited e-mail and almost falling off the chair when seeing it, our suburb was hit by a POWER-CUT just as I was halfway through the e-mail!!!!! I almost freaked out. I had to wait 2 hours before I could finish reading it. Torture! But back to the story... The reply was that the amount of foreign transplants the hospital can do has been lowered to 5%, which translates to about 2 a year. And there are already 2 people from outside the US waiting there. BUT one of them might be going home if she doesn't receive any lungs by the end of Feb... (For various reasons) And it seems like I might be able to take her place then. So it's still more waiting ( they weren't kidding when they called it a WAITING list!), but at least I know a bit more of what's going on now. Really just praying and having faith that everything will work out!

Had a great afternoon/evening. Went to visit 2 sets of friends, was great getting out of the house! And just chatting and talking nonsense. Lungs were fine. HAVE to excercise again tomorrow! Going to have a quiet/boring day tomorrow. I'll dedicate it to my lungs... so what's new?! Hope the start of your week was also exciting...


Dan (Your Australian friend) said...

Wow thats awesome news!

A great step! Congrats.
Its a long wait, but well worth it! Trust me on that one!


Katelyn said...

What exciting news! Do you know which part of the US you'd be having your surgery in?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is exciting sweetie! Good luck with it, I hope it works out well, and you manage to get over to the US!
Enjoy your restfull day
Take care!!

Alice said...

Clarey, please send me a friend request on facebook! I've been looking all over for you but I can't find you!

Anonymous said...

Ive sent you a request, don't worry im a hard one to track down due to an annoying odd surname !!! hehe