Saturday, February 23, 2008

Answering some questions...

Would love to answer some of the questions I got in the comments:

Tamara M- I read about lung transplant on the internet, but I was still doing fairly ok then, and thought that I was miles away from that, but at least I knew about it. My health really started getting bad all of a sudden in Jan/Feb 2006 when I started colonising Pseudomonas. In October of that year I asked my lung specialist in PE about lung transplant and if they even do it in South Africa? He said yes he knows they've started doing it at Milpark Hospital in Joburg. So we asked him to please find out more for us, as well as finding out as much as we could about it on the net. I got an appointment with the lung specialist at Milpark in Jan 2007 and they immediately did a work-up. I got listed roundabout at the end of May 2007. It is quite a new programme in SA, they only started a few years ago, which is why so many CF doctors around the country is not aware of it.. Yet. And I would like to change that. I'm only aware of one other succsesfull CF transplant, although I think we are the perfect candidates! I was also extremely lucky to get lungs in 8months time, as the waiting time can be LONG and I was a late referal! I should've been listed earlier. The CF people that DO get listed here often get listed TOO LATE!

As for the hygiene.. It's the same as anywhere else. I have to be extremely careful of germs. It's not like SA is 'dirtier' than other countries, lol! Except maybe for state hospitals! Hope that answers your question.

The American Brownie- it was BIGGER and CRUNCHIER than a normal brownie! Other than that I'm not sure why they call it 'American'. Don't know how brownies taste in the USA! Maybe one day I'll find out...


Anonymous said...

Alice-I have a question. Do you know your gene mutation? Are you willing to share? My daughter has a double Delta F508.

Glad you enjoyed the brownie. If you send me your address I will gladly send you a variety of American brownie. I can be reached at

Karen in Boston

MilePost13 said...

I had been wondering about all of that.

Another question: Tricia had to do 23 days of physical therapy at DUKE before being listed, and will have to do another 23 days after the surgery...were you required to do anything under the hospital's watchful eye, or are you responsible to do PT on your own?


praisin' and waitin' on GOD said...

Alice,you are a wonder! God has had his loving arms wrapped around you through this whole ordeal. HE has something special for you to do. I have watched your blog since the day of your surgery. Will continue to pray for your health and that GOD will guide you to what HE has for you to do Much love
Betty from Florida

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,my name is Laura,from the UK,i found your blog through facebook and have been following your story.You are amazing and im so happy you have had a succesful transplant.
I have 2 brothers with CF,one of them sadley passed away May 2007 at the age of 24.My younger brother is 20 and doing really well,your storey gives me so much hope for him as i dont want the same to happen to him as what happened to our older brother.
I wish you so much luck for the future.You are an insperation.
Thankyou :o)

Laura xxx

Anonymous said...

hey alice!

happy aniversary! thats awsome, very proud of you!

i got one question...i was wondering where to register to be a donar? and how it works :)


Tamara M. said...

Yes thank you very much:)

I'm afraid I still assume that the people in SA are filthier than, well let's say, the Netherlands or GB or something;) a very ancient thought:P

Jarboetwingles said...

American Brownies are WONDERFUL!! Think I will go make some now :) Glad you are doing so well