Monday, February 18, 2008


I've asked Anto to post this for me again.

I've had the best weekend in a long time!

Friday evening my mom and dad and me watched Marie Antoinette on dvd, interesting movie, I liked it! Cool soundtrack!

On Sat morning Andrew and his sister Patricia, who stays in Pretoria (next to Joburg), arrived after getting lost! We had brunch of scrambled eggs (my first 'cooking' experience with these beautiful new lungs), toast and muffins. Trying to eat while wearing my mask proves to be quite a challenge! Have to wear a mask when I have visitors and we're inside. Then we went for a drive- I showed them Milpark Hosp and we drove/walked (I could keep up!!!) around looking for a open-air coffee shop where we could have something to drink! Found a News Café with a nice outside area with no-one smoking. We laughed so much, because I can't laugh! I CAN'T DO IT PROPERLY! I always used to turn blue and start coughing like crazy whenever I laughed, with the result that I just sort of smiled and suppressed my laugh! And now that nothing's stopping me I can't really stop when I start, and no sound comes out. I just shake and later tears start to form all the 'laughing'! It better not boost my immune system ;-)Then we returned to the flat and had lasagne for lunch.

Andrew bought me a bunch of stuff from home, which was great to get. Shoes, exercise takkies/trainers (HAVEN'T WORN THEM IN YEARS!!!), books from friends, letters from overseas! Thank you Clarey, Lisa and Matthew&Sylvie&kids! Felt so special! Put them all up in my room! Sat evening my mom and I watched a tv movie, Love comes softly. And I did 2.8km on my bike. I've increased the resistance a lot. So my legs and lungs work, with the former giving in first!

This morning I was just lazy, read the news paper etc, and did 3km on the bike, might do some more later. Andrew, his sis and her boyfriend came again for lunch, had yummy beef pie and salad. Laughed some more..So it was an awesome weekend, and I'm really starting to feel like I've got my life back! And it's such a good feeling. I can't wait to do all the things I've been wanting to do forever!

Had a horrible dream last night: dreamt I was coughing up blood again. I used to cough up as much as probably half a cup of blood at times. It's one of the most scary feelings, almost like drowning. The worst was when it happened while I was driving and couldn't even spit it out but just had to swallow the whole time! Pretty gross. May I never experience that again! Luckily I woke up quickely after the dream and realised I was breathing easily and without O2.

I pray for everyone on a transplant list (thanks for the comment Allison), because the waiting sucks.

Hope everyone had a good weekend as well.

And lastly I just want to say that the best part of the whole tx experience, apart from the lungs, was all the WONDERFUL people I've met. Through the blog, at the hospital (all the nurses, amazing doctors, physiotherapist, x-ray people, the list is endless!) and through other people/friends. You guys all rock! xxx


Gizela said...

Hallo Alice, ek sukkel nou al so lank om vir jou hallo te se. Hoop ek het dit die keer reggekry!

Anonymous said...

Karen from Boston here. My 10 month old has CF and your experience gives me hope. You are such an inspiration and I am thrilled that you are doing so well. Congratulations!!! I am sure you will take this next chapter in your life and do amazing things.

Gizela said...

Woenderbaar!!! Ek kan praat met jou!

Ek weet nie eens waar om te begin om vir jou te se hoe 'n inspirasie jy is nie! Lees elke week jou blog en hoe dit met jou gaan. Dit is regtig so wonderlik om te weet dat dit so goed gaan met jou.
Ons hele selgroep (die groep waarin Jacques is) dink so baie aan jou en ons bid baie vir jou gesondheid. Mag die Here aanhou om jou so geweldig te seen met die 'pink' nuwe longe van jou. Mag jy daardie tekkies sommer in die eerste maand deur stap!
Lekker middag vir jou en hou aan om so 'n voorbeeld en inspirasie vir ander om jou te wees!
Baie liefde Gizela

Anonymous said...

Dankie Gizela! Jul gebede het my tot hier gebring! So dankbaar!

Christy said...

Alice, You should be a poster woman for CF. You have so much spirit and life, and have just done amazing at healing from this double lung transplant.

So glad that you had a beautiful weekend, slap full of silent laughter. >:0)

Still praying for you! Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! So glad you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

i cannot wait to read your blog every day....your incredible recovery...your positive attitude and your faith.....good luck with your exercise and dont stop laughing.....ek bid vir jou.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,
I just wanted to leave you my email, if you ever wanted to talk in the future.
It is It sounds like you are still doing well, keep it up! I had my 1st transplant when I was 16 (now am 23) and I know what you mean about finally bein able to live a "normal" life. Congrats!

Helen said...

Haai alice!!
Sjoe `n nuwe lewe le voor jou! Ek is so bly oor die oorplanting en dat jy so goed doen. Nou kan dit net beter gaan!! Dit is regtig great.
Ons het almal vreeslik hard vir jou gebid en ek weet alke gebed was nie net `n nr nie. Dit was elkeen verhoor!! Dit is wonderlik!!
Sterkte vir als wat voor le.
Helen (Johnnie se suster)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,
Ek is so bly om te hoor dit gaan goed met jou! Ek hoop om binne die volgende jaar v jou te kom kuier in Jhb. Pas jouself mooi op.

Anonymous said...

wow. you are so amazing Alice! Thank you so much for sharing your stroy here! I never even knew what CF was unti I found CF husband blog (then yours!) I think it is absolutely amazing (the transplant process) what a true gift of life!!!! congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im so pleased to hear your continuing to do so well!
Im glad you enjoyed your weekend, hopefuly there will be many more great weekends to follow :D:D
Tkae care hun
Clarey xx said...

Hi Alice,

I am so happy for you. It is wonderful that you are doing so well. Keep laughing!


Anonymous said...

What a miracle you are! I love coming on your site and getting the updates. May God continue to hold you in His hands and you continue to gain strength and soon be doing everything you desire. Bless you, young lady!

Matt and Cristin said...

We are so glad you are doing well. We keep you in our prayers! Keep laughing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Aunty Joy told me that you had a Blog, so i decided to check it out!! WOW! I can't believe how fantastically you are doing and how suddenly things just moved so quickly for you. I am proud of you for your amazing courage and spirit and wish you only happiness in life. YOU DESERVE IT!!!
All my love,
Hugs and kisses.
Oh...almost forgot, Cara sends her love too!

mom2izzyandallen said...

Love your updates! So good to see you blogging for yourself!