Sunday, February 3, 2008

Things are going swell!

Just had a whole conversation with Alice via text messages (both of us has lost our voices - she from the vent pipe, me from mutant alien flu, that I got for some or other strange reason). Here's some of the stuff that you guys might find interesting:
  1. She went for coffee with her parents and sister in the garden of the Hospital, walking around WITHOUT oxygen, not getting out of breath at all. But she can't walk very fast as the bandages (on her chest) is keeping her back.
  2. She has less pain today.
  3. Some of you might know that she needs to write a thank you letter to the donor family - she hasn't done that yet.
  4. She was too nervous to ask the doctors to take pics during the operation (I know she really wanted to do this), but there is some pictures of her from after the operation and ever since.
  5. She doesn't know what her plans for the rest of the year is ... at the moment she needs to stay in Johannesburg, and she will probably stay there for quite some time as she feels safer closer to her doctors.
  6. Once she is discharged from hospital she needs to go almost daily for bloods to check the anti-rejection medication levels; to change the bandages; and, to remove the staples, which I presume is keeping everything closed.
  7. The plan of action with the staples are as follows: first they'll remove every 2nd one and then the remaining ones at a later stage.
  8. She had to cough up some mucus today which was sent away to determine if everything is ok because she is off of all antibiotics - she's quite nervous about the results.
  9. For the first couple of months she'll be wearing a surgical mask in public places to ensure that she doesn't come into contact with germs.

Hope this answers some of the toughts you might've been having .... If there are any questions you can mail me and I'll forward them to her. My e-mail is:


Jane said...

Thanks for the really helps us to know what to pray for. We tend to forget the risk of infection and rejection now that she is up and moving....but always a MAJOR concern for all transplant patients!

still praying in SC

Bree said...

Alice! Look at you! I'm so happy that you're up and walking aruond! Pretty soon you'll be raising hell and terrorizing the place - ha ha just kidding. You have no idea how excited I am for you! Can't wait to chat soon! I'm jealous it's warm where you are - we just got a huge snow storm the other the new lesson is enjoy your nice weather for me and work those new lungs!

You're in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!

Alice you are AMAZING! I am in awe!


I'm glad everything is going well. I've been following along for a little while now. I have Alice on my prayer list.

Mary said...

Still praying for you Alice....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I continue to pray for Alice and her progress! Will also pray for her to have the right words for the letter to the donor family.


Anonymous said...

praying in ohio!

Christy said...

So glad to hear that she was able to have coffee in the garden with her family. That sounds lovely. Praying for the test results to produce good news. Thanks for the update. >:0)

bdodge said...

Wow! That's pretty cool that she can go for coffee in the garden at the hospital! What an answer to prayer this whole journey is! Grateful for the updates.

CFHusband said...

Great news!

Unknown said...

Hooray!! that is wonderful news! Still praying for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Dear Alice, you are a living miracle of God's goodness. We are all praying for you. Get strong, girl!! Many of us are waiting for you here in PE. So spare your breath and exercise your lungs. Love you lots!!

Anonymous said...

I'm continuing to remember to check in from Nate's blog. I will continue to pray.

Rachel said...

I am glad to hear that Alice is doing well and was able to get out in the fresh air today. I will continue to pray for her to heal and for the pain to subside and of course for her body not to reject her new lungs.
Rachel in Pennsylvania, USA

Danielle Moss said...

Praying for you