Sunday, December 12, 2010


No much interesting to report on... cold better but nose still snotty with no indication of getting less snotty. Oh well, at least I don't FEEL bad. I should have taken a few sick days from work to recover quicker, but we've just been so busy at work, and they'll call me the whole time anyway, so I felt like I'll probably be more realxed being sick at work than lying in bed staring at my phone. HAVE I MENTIONED BEFORE I WISH I HAD A JOB WHERE THE COMPANY SHUT DOWN OVER CHRISMAS??? Also had a lot of medical aid issues to sort out, which made it even worse.

At least Thursday's a public holiday! Day of reconcilliation. It used to be "geloftedag", where the white farmers thanked God for helping them kill hundreds of Zulu's in the Battle of Bloodriver. Since 1994 it's not politically correct anymore obviously, so now it's the day we all reconcile or something. There's your bad history lesson for this Sunday.

This weekend's been nice. We've just been lounging around the house, eating, sleeping, reading, wathing TV. Definitely did me good! Today we had Jenny and Aviva over for coffee, so there was at least a reason to get myself looking presentable!

I can't believe in 2 weeks time Christmas will be over already! And in Jan it'll be 3 years with the lungies... need to start planning some celebration! 3 years is a long time, but in the big scheme of things I'm hoping it'll just be a tiny fraction of my time here on earth!

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