Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Had some minor surgery (colposcopy and LLETZ) again yesterday (same as in April). My gynae check-up 2 weeks back showed some abnormal cells and with my immune-suppressedness you have to act on stuff like that. Was fine, not sore or anything, just felt really drugged up afterwards, not a bad feeling, haha! Didn't go to work today or yesterday, but will be back tomorrow. Will see what results say, but Dr said it seemed like pre-cancerous cells and she cut everything out. Very frustrating!!!!

It's been raining and cold now for almost the last week! Feels like coastal winter weather! Love it, but actually wishing for some sun now. Think my plants are too! Although it was nice for my weekend of relaxing. Man... wish I could spend everyday gardening!

My parents will be arriving from PE this weekend, and my sis will only be flying in on the 24th, and going back again on the 18th. So far Christmas Eve will be at our place and we'll have lunch at my grandad's on Christmas day. Going to be so nice to entertain for Chritmas at our own place fot the first time :-)

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