Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold :-(

Not the weather but me! I've been around 2 sick colleague's at work (WHY DO PEOPLE COME TO WORK IF THEY HAVE FLU AND PNEUMONIA???) and By Sat morning I was sure I'd avoided this one too (haven't been sick once this year except for early Jan). I still went to the gym and swam there on Sat morning, followed by some gardening, full of energy... As I was getting ready for my year-end function I started feeling snotty and my throat started getting sore. It was a nice evening, lovely food, but we were back home by 22:00. During the night my throat and nose got worse, and I've had the WORST throat-ache ever in my life! So Yesterday was just spend in bed reading and on the couch watching old FRIENDS episodes.

I went in to work for an hour this morning and was back in bed by 10am. Slept a bit and just reading and playing around on fb. I got antibiotics, so just really hope it doesnt go to my lungs and stays in my "head".

So that was pretty much my weekend. Nothing exciting happening except that it's the last full working week of December. Yay!!

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Mizasiwa said...

I hope you get better soon!!