Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 sleeps to Christmas...

Almost wishing this week would fast forward to Friday! My sis is coming on Friday and work closes at 12h00!!! She goes back again on the 28th, but it's going to be 4 great days! My mom and dad also came up from Port Elizabeth on Friday so it's been very nice, we had them over for lunch yesterday. Friday evening we went out to play tenpin bowling (I WON!!!!) and pool with friends. Was very nice, but I suck at pool! Luckily the tenpin made up for it.

I'm completely over my cold now I think. Hoping to back to gym in the week, just to get started, so that I'm not COPLETELY unfit when I start in all seriousness in the new year. I've also started swimming at the gym again (well I went once so far this summer and then I got sick), which is especially nice when the weather's so hot, and we don't have a pool at our place.

Hope you had a good weekend so far and enjoy the countdown to Christmas!

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