Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cold and Blood clot... AAAAHHHHH

So not only do I have a cold, but I have a blood clot in my groin and was almost admitted this morning. It's on the left side where I had the femoral line this week with the photopheresis. Now I have to inject myself twice a day with a blood thinner. And have an antibiotic for the cold I managed to pick up in Pretoria. So irritated, but looks like I shouldn't lose any more days at work because of this. Have to have a repeat scan of my groin on Thurday and on Friday it's judgement day when I go for lung function and lung check-up. Just want my lung function to be better more than anything else in the world... so that I didn't go through all of this for nothing.


Lourdes Moss said...

will be praying for you

Alice said...


Sherry Boyle said...

Praying for improved lung function. Keep your spirits up!