Thursday, October 31, 2013

October = DONE

Tomorrow it's November, yay! Closer to the end of a crappy year health-wise, and my sis and her hubby moving up, and my long weekend in PE and Christmas. This week's been good so far, been to gym for 3 workouts, all of which were EXTREMELY tough. I'm not sure if it's because I'm unfit or if lungs are worse :-/ Very disconcerting!!!! But I have another week to work on the fitness before I have to go for lung function again. So let's hope it's unfitness!!!

I went to my new cell-group again last night, which was awesome. So glad I found them, such great people. Tomorrow night I'm going to Cullinan just outside Pretoria for a work team-build. Should be interesting, can't say I'm looking forward to it very much but hopefully it's better than expected.

On Sat I have to go for bloods and x-rays, there is a transplant support group meeting plus my friend Brendan's 30th birthday pool party! Sunday I want to gym again and having lunch with my parents. So busy weekend ahead!! AND hoping and praying Discovery approves more photopheresis and that lung function is still stable!

P.S. After posting the pic in my previous post, I realised I have started collecting that quote!! Check out my collection so far....all were gifts from special people!

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