Saturday, October 19, 2013

The week that was and week that's waiting

This week was WAY better than last week at least. Work was less hectic. Only had to be pricked by a needle once (for Warferin bloods.... testing how thin my blood is), bought a diary and desk calendar for next year (already have 3 weeks of leave put in for April and will soon have to put in photopheresis appointments too) and managed to make it to gym once.

On the down side I have inflammation in my right eye and it's all red and irritated. Not sure why or what happened but hoping it will go away soon, saw the optometrist and she said there's not much she can do about it, I got eye drops and if it doesn't get better I need to see specialist, which I REALLY REALLY don't want to do.

Last night we chilled at a friend's house playing some 30 seconds and eating take-aways (and drinking a little bit too much probably!). Was a lot of fun but feeling a bit tired (but happy) this morning. Luckily no plans for the day, so just going to relax and do some laundry. Tomorrow we're going to a friend's house for lunch which should be great as well. And hopefully I manage to get to the gym tomorrow!

Next week should be busy but good, my brother in law will be coming up to Joburg for 2 days and we'll also be seeing Chris's sister. Wednesday and Thursday is photopheresis and Friday back to work again.

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Wens ek kon saam kuier!