Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feeling better

I'm feeling a whole lot better after a great weekend and planning a trip to PE. I also went back to gym today for the first time this month... feeling unfit but it wasn't horrible. Going back on Friday so hopefully then it will be a bit better! Lungs were same as always just muscles tired and body a bit weak!

So coming back to the PE trip... I decided to put in leave on 17 and 18 Dec (the 16th is a public holiday) and book a 5 day trip to PE. Will be spending time with my sister and any friends who might be there, definitely Antoinette. AND... I'm going to be ticking off an item on my bucket list! Been wanting to do this FOREVER... a Tsistikamma Canopy Tour!! SO EXCITED about that. Will also be doing some hiking at my all-time favourite place in the world, Storms River Mouth. I put in 2 weeks of leave for April as well... it's still a while away but at least I know it's been approved.

So all in all, things are much better this week. Next lung function is Friday 8 Nov, hopefully by then my fitness is up ((and weight another 1kg or so) and the next round of photopheresis has been approved by Discovery. Still hoping lung function will be up but if it stays stable I will survive.

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Sherry Boyle said...

You sound so much better in this post -- answered prayers! Praise God for all good things in life and thank Him, as well.