Saturday, December 6, 2014

4 more sleeps!

So just 4 more sleeps till I fly to Cape Town with Andrew to join up with Ditha, Brendan and Jo-Mari for our fantastic mini varsity reunion! We used to spend a LOT of time together at university, had some great road-trips, and they were some of my bestest friends, through sickness and in health!

However for the last few years we have been spread across  3 cities and apart from at my wedding (which doesn't really count), we have not all been together at the same place or the same time! So it's high time for a GOOD catch-up session.

The below pics were all taken in 2003 and 2004.... some of the best years! Consider these the "before" pics and brace yourselves for the "10 years after" edition to come soon!

Looking at these pics make me feel emotional all of a sudden, and it's a bit insane to think that without my amazing donor and pretty lungs (even at their 48%, they are a million time better than the old ones) this reunion would not be possible. Had a rough week but so excited for this.

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