Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sushi, lights and cows

An interesting weekend was had here.... On Friday eve I had a post transplant/life first.... namely EAT SUSHI! As transplant patients we are told to be careful of eating sushi for obvious reasons. I've never tried sushi before but it's one of those things I've always known that I would LOVE. So I thought it's best if I never try it then I won't know what I'm missing. However my friend Fawn who is (also!) a model transplant patient has always made me jealous with her sushi eating escapades... so one month shy of my 7 year lungaversary I decided to try something new and "naughty". Being the hygiene expert and foodie and she is, Fawny organised a pleasant evening out followed by watching Gone Girl. I was spot on regarding my taste for sushi.... LOVED it! Just ate way too much and was soooo stuffed afterwards due to wanting to try EVERYTHING! Even ended up with a headache, but it was great. Only got to bed at 2am (which is late for this 30 year old!)

On Sat I was invited by another friend for a night in Pretoria that included movies, Christmas lights and breakfast buffet at Irene Diary Farm. We watched Love Rosie, which was a very cute chick flick. The lights were pretty and breakfast was yum and cows were cute, For the rest of the weekend we chilled with my sister and Pierre. At least this week is only going to be 3 working-days long. 3 BUSY days in all likelihood.... bleh. At least traffic should be non-existent. Next post..... CHRISTMAS!!!!

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