Sunday, December 28, 2014

Anto's visit thusfar and Liliesleaf Farm

As I've mentioned before, my PE friend since we were in primary school and my official transplant media liaison person (she updated my blog during the post tx and before I had internet period!) has been visiting us since the 26th. She will be here till the 1st. Very very cool! Unfortunately I will be working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while she is here, but will make the most of it after hours. I also got these handmade biscuits from here (along with some other cool pressies!)

So far we've done shopping, some eating out, chilled in front of the TV etc and visited the historical Liliesleaf Farm in when Nelson Mandela was captured in 1963. Very informative and cool museum, can't believe I haven't been there yet and it has been open for as long I have been living here! Highly recommended!!!!

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