Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mandela Tribute and my Dr's medal

Friday marked the one year anniversary of Nelson Mandela's passing away. A very sad day for the country and all of us. He was such an amazing role man and the type of politician they don't seem to make anymore.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, my transplant/lung Dr, Dr Williams, treated Mandela for quite a few years before he passed away. On Sunday he received some WELL DESERVED recognition for the job he did by being awarded a Presidential Gold Medal (I think that's what it is called??) I am sooooo proud of him and feel so lucky to have this man in charge of my healthcare! I have met all too many doctors in my life and he is truly one of a kind. WELL DONE PAUL!

I recorded the event with my phone.... so here it is, if you can excuse the cat purring in the background and my phone getting a text message half way through!!!

One of my favourite Afrikaans singers did a tribute video for Madiba, and it's very touching. Do yourself a favour and watch it!

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