Saturday, August 22, 2015

7 years 7 months and Inspirational Interiors!

It's the 22nd again! Another bonus month of life that I wouldn't have had if it wasn't for that wonderful lady :-) A month ago I was on the Golden Gate bridge... miss our holiday so much!!!! But now that I'm all rested and recovered from the jet-lag I'm enjoying being home again.

Medical updates: Saw gynae on Thurs, waiting to hear results. Filling in my tooth fell out yesterday so now I'm seeing dentist on Monday :-( Dermatologist will just have to wait. Bleh, hate dentist.

On a different note, my very close and long-time friend Andrew who is following his dreams started a blog a while ago.... Andrew Hector Interiors. Added it to my blog list so the link will always be there for you with the latest post. Also follow him on Facebook. I admire his courage to take up studying again after a few years of working as a Chartered Accountant (and while still doing so) and making the type of changes in his life that other people might frown upon, but he is moving towards doing what makes him happy. Maybe one day I'll figure myself out a bit better and do the same! I love having positive "go-getter" friends who make the best of life, it gives me energy and motivation. Andrew is just one of them but I believe the people you hang out with influence you much more than you realise and I'm proud of the people I call my friends.

So in a strange combo of the topic of "interiors", and being blessed with the breathers, and being recovered from our trip, below is our fridge..... I collect magnets (if that wasn't obvious from the pics) and our fridge is like a travel collage that makes me happy.

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