Monday, August 31, 2015

31 on the 31st!!!!!

Apparently this is called your Crown or your Golden birthday! Yay for being 31! Like one of my best friends said this morning, "it's like 110 in CF years". So yes I'm very lucky to officially be a 30-something year old now. Will be celebrating this weekend with some close friends. Got some amazing flowers and chocs from my in-laws as well on Friday, which was a great surprise.

This weekend in Dullstroom was pretty cool. Only sucky thing was that I forgot my sleeping pills at home, and it took me like six hours to finally fall asleep on the Friday night, and woke up again at 6am.  Luckily my parents only came through on the Sat, and could help me out. The weather has really been strangely prematurely warm these last 3 weeks, and spring is everywhere. Yay, not a fan of winter.

Chris is taking me out for supper tonight, and I only worked half-day today, so it's been a great day. Tomorrow evening we're having supper with my parents so I don't need to think about what make for supper, which is awesome as it will be the first day of month-end at work.

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