Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Argentina FOMO and countdown to birthday.

So the WTG 2015 started this week in Mar Del Plata. I've known realistically since the 2013 Games that I wouldn't be there. At the 2013 Games my lung function was 69%. I played squash and did the 3km race walk. The walk went fairly well, achieved my personal best time. The squash was harder though. Even though the altitude helped a lot, I struggled to keep up and would have probably had a better outcome if I were able to run more and had more energy. So now with lung function in the low 40's I know I wouldn't even be able to play for 15 mins without wanting to pass out and die. Being at a MUCH higher altitude in Joburg, I haven't actually even touched a squash racquet again since that day. I miss it.

We also would not have been able to do the Argentina trip AND the California trip, and I know we experienced much more in California and had way more fun, as well as a longer holiday. So the right choice was definitely made. But seeing the pics on Facebook does kind of make me sad, as I know that the next Games in 2017 will also be out of the question health-wise. We could maybe go and support and make it part of a holiday, but as far as competing goes it's highly doubtful. I've lost almost 30% lung function since the last games... and I know I have stabilised, but there is not much left for me to lose if I even just want to go as a supporter. So sadly I think my participating career is over. I might still take part in some less strenuous items at Nations next year (which will be in Joburg and that I will have to help to organise).

So this past weekend I did something that I've been procrastinating since 2009.... I mounted my medals in display boxes that I found at @Home. I think it looks pretty cool, and beats all the memories just rotting in a shoe box. Now I just need to get them up on the wall.

This weekend we're off to Dullstroom with the family (2 family trips in one month!!), and on Monday it's my birthday. Let's hope it's a good one. Have a good weekend

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Sherry Boyle said...

Happy, happy birthday, Alice!! Enjoy it to the fullest! So glad I got to meet you and Chris -- Anna and Casey, too.