Monday, August 17, 2015

CF friends, plants and Jenna's award

Don't feel like I have much to say, but also been pretty busy. So excuse me if this post is very haphazard! Firstly, congrats to the Lowe family for the LeadSA award that Jenna won posthumously for the amount of people that she inspired to sign up as organ donors. Her legacy will hopefully save many lives in the future.

Last week feels like a blur, I did however get to see lung Dr, and all OK. He doesn't think there has been a real change in lung function since my previous visit on 4 June. Weight exactly the same. Bloods were fine and he didn't mention the x-ray so I assume there was nothing remarkable there. Going again on 30 Sept (tentatively I guess!) and the middle Nov to wrap up the year. On Thursday it's time for the gynae and have to make a plan to get to dermatologist as well soon.

This weekend we had such a cool transplant/CF friend get-together. We were 4 couples and had a great time playing Cards Against Humanity (that Anna introduced me to), and doing a little baby-shower thing for Shaun (who had a transplant)'s wife Alet who is expecting twins. It was very special and we had some great food as well. Pre-transplant CF people are not advised to hang out together, due to the risks of cross-infection.  So it's always so cool when you get to hug another CFer after knowing them for years but having always had to keep a distance when they've gotten their new lungs. It was the case with Fawn, and last week I finally got to hug Charlene for the first time. I'm NOT a soppy person, but I think it's so special to be able to be in close proximity to someone who knows exactly what you have been through, especially if you knew the pre-transplant and pretty much only kept in touch electronically or from a distance wearing a mask. Love these guys!

Yesterday I did a crap-load of gardening and garden-shopping with my sis. I re-potted all 4 my orchids (3 of which are going to flower again this year!), re-potted a whole munch of succulents, tried to clean up the flower-beds etc. lower back and hamstrings feeling it today. So exciting to see spring rearing it's head. Can't believe Aug is halfway and in 2 weeks' time it's my birthday!

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