Saturday, August 1, 2015


So Murphys is where Anna's parents have their second home. It's a beautiful quaint little place that we loved. We spent 4 nights here close to the end of our holiday. It was also our base for exploring Yosemite, Columbia and Calavares Big Trees. 

Anna's mom and dad were fantastic hosts. They served the most delicious foods... fresh and yummy... exactly what we were craving after lot of eating out in the 2 preceding weeks. Plus Anna's dad makes the most yummy gin and tonics EVER. I also had s'mores for the first time! It's delicious and RICH. Could only eat one, and after that we just ate the roasted marshmallows on their own. They also took us to an awesome cute little music concert under the stars that was REALLY good! Just all in all an amazing 4 days.

I also made A and C watch Searching for Sugarman... a documentary movie about an American singer who made it big in SA but never knew about his fame. Anna's parents have watched it before, but was great to share this piece of music history with Anna and Casey.

I really hope we get to see Robin and Doug again in the future, and that one day they will get to meet my parents.... they are such cool down-to-earth people!

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