Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Chris

Yesterday my hubby turned 32. Happy birthday Chris!!!! Hope I don't kill you in the year ahead :-p

We had a very productive day yesterday, firstly, Chris suggested we go play squash...... Bear in mind I haven't played since the WTG 2013, which was 2 years 2 months and at least 25% more lung function that I have now ago. We didn't play for long, I had to rest like every 2 minutes, and I wasn't even running, just hitting the ball. Insanely tiring!!!!!! Had a blister instantly but I had fun and hitting the ball again was great. Especially seeing that you can still get some of the tough shots. I might change my gym membership so that I move to this gym with the squash courts (they had an open day yesterday) so that we can do this again.

We spend a lot of time cleaning the house (not my idea.... I would never make him clean on his birthday), and going to Northcliff Eco Park (Aasvoelkop) and having a McFlurry, enjoying the views of the city, Also haven't been there in a while so was really nice. I love Jozi and you can just see spring everywhere.

Other news... I had my hair cut and coloured on Friday which is always nice. It's a nice red and lighter at the bottom (ombre). The lighter colour will come out more once I wash it, but really liking it. Medically.... gynae and lung doc has decided no hysterectomy for now.... I'll have a pap smear done again in 6 months' time and we take it from there. Going for lung check-up on Tuesday (having bloods done for that this morning) so then we'll prob discuss it further.

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Sherry Boyle said...

Happy birthday, Chris! Like your hair, Alice!