Thursday, September 10, 2015

Surgery and Spring

On Monday I'm having parts of my cervix cut, cauterized, biopsied etc. My pap smear of 3 weeks ago showed abnormal risky cells. Again. This is probably the 5th or 6th time I'm having this procedure done since transplant. I've lost count. The joys of taking pills to suppress your immune system :-/ The last time I had this procedure done was in Feb.

What makes this time different though is that it took me by surprise. Previously I had gone for a check-up BECAUSE I thought something might me amiss, but this time I thought it would just be a routine check-up and all would be well. My Gynae also mentioned that there is not much left of said cervix after previous 5 or so procedures. So I don't know where this is going to end. One day at work my womb will probably fall out (this is a joke). Sorry if sensitive readers are scarred by too much info, but this blog is after all health-related, and I try to make it an honest account of my medical journey. Well not TOO honest because that would end up in people needing therapy but acceptable-honest.

On a more positive note, my garden is beautiful and spring is here in full swing. Sorry to everyone who just saw all these pics on Facebook and Instagram, but below are some pics I took this afternoon. Also, I've been to gym twice this week, so that's better than previous weeks. Will go at least one more time before Monday.


Unknown said...

Jou tuin is pragtig!

Theresa Lotter said...

Your posts always make me want to run out and live life!

Alice said...

Thanks guys :-)