Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Surgery and weekend

Yesterday's surgery went well. I was done at about 10h30 and was back in my room at 11h30. Anesthetist said lungs did great. Afterwards my oxygen SATS kept dropping to 88% (normally in Joburg these days they are like 93% on room air) which was very annoying as the machine's alarm kept going off and I had to keep on taking deep breaths to get it back to 91%. Just wanted to sleep and eat my lunch, not take deep breaths the whole bloody time. Luckily they eventually just took the monitor away.

Gynae said afterwards in recovery that I almost have no cervix left.... and next time she would need to take everything out... Not sure when "next time" will be, she is going to call me with biopsy results when she gets them. And hopefully talk to lung Dr. Not nice waiting for news from Drs :-( Wish I could get the whole thing over and done with and get this cancer-threat off my back already,

Had a good weekend. Sat eve we had a braai and played Cards Against Humanity at Brendan's house. Was so much fun. Sunday we had lunch at my parents place and my bestie for 26 years, Louzanne,  was in Jozi for the afternoon, so she joined us :-) So excited for her wedding in Dec, she brought my bridesmaids dress with her, so now I need to go shoe shopping!!!!! Sandton City here I come (after payday LOL). ALSO, looks like I've FINALLY sold my wedding dress, so yay for some extra cash and LOTS of extra cupboard space!

Tomorrow is back to work, rest of the week will be BUSY. Will post if I get any cervix news.

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