Sunday, September 20, 2015

Low Grade Lesions and electricity failures

My gynae informed me on Thursday that biopsy showed only "low grade lesions" and that this was "good news". She is going to talk to lung dr about hysterectomy. That's all I know and guessing it's all I will know for a while... if she were to do a hysterectomy she would have to wait another 5 weeks from now for at least me to heal from Monday's surgery in any case. So I'll just have to try and be patient and wait :-( Not my strongest point.

At least I was cheered up arriving back at work on Wednesday morning with the below card and picture to colour in from my favourite work-person. I've been working on the pic and it's been keeping work-stress down :-p

Week was crazy busy. On Wednesday eve we had the Gauteng Transplant Sport AGM at Milpark Hosp. Meeting couldn't go ahead as we didn't have a quorum present. So that has been moved to this week Tuesday, On Thursday eve it was the lung and heart support group meeting also at Milpark. Was great to see Fawn, Shaun, Alet, Rida and Craig for some catching up. Got to bed late on both occasions, so combined with Monday's anesthesia did not make for a delightful Alice by the end of the week.

Then on Friday our electricity at home went off due to a fire breaking out at the substation. So Friday night was spent in the dark, By yesterday the power still wasn't back, and it only came back on this morning. We slept by my sister and Pierre last night because it's just easier, and took all our frozen foods over to their freezer and all the electronics to charge. Such an inconvenience but also made me grateful again NOT to be on oxygen. Right now it's just an inconvenience, it's not life-altering.

Yesterday I went to a very special baby-shower. Shaun is one of my CF post-transplant friends. He got his lungs in 2011 and has also done really well since then. Him and his stunning wife Alet are expecting twin girls!!! They will be the first "transplant" babies, and I'm sooooo happy for them. The shower was very special and hopefully she had fun. Hoping all goes well for the rest of her pregnancy and that the babies arrive safely when the time is right!

Oh, I also sold my wedding dress!!! Very happy about the extra cash and LOTS of extra cupboard space. Went shopping with my sis yesterday and got shoes and underwear for Louzanne's wedding on 16 Dec where I'll be a bridesmaid. Had a "circle of life" vibe to it.... nice.

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