Sunday, January 10, 2016

40% - report back on Friday's check-up

Lung function has dropped 3% from last check-up on 16 Nov. This came as no surprise... like I said in previous post I've been feeling crap and shorter of breath. It's been lower than that before but in those cases I was sick, and it went back up. This time it probably won't but I'm OK with that. I did the 6 min walk test... At the start of test heart rate was 135 (my heart has been going crazy fast lately) and O2 SATS 93%. After walking quickly for 6 min the HR was 161 and O2 SATS 83%. Weight was 55.5kg (I think it was a bit higher after xmas but dropped down again) which is the same as with last appointment.

Bloods were fine except that it showed I am dehydrated (maybe because we've been having temps of 38 degrees C???? (For the American people that's 100 degrees F)) and should drink more water AND test my sugar more often. Dr wants me to record it every time I test it, and hubby reminded me that my iPhone has the health app, and that I can actually store it there. So that's pretty cool.

With regards to the headaches I wake up with, it could be due to low O2 levels at night, meaning I need to start sleeping on oxygen, or the dehydration. So I have to do a sleep study at the hospital's sleep lab. Hopefully I can do that this week still. And hoping that it IS low O2 rather than some new problem like sleep apnoea :-( Rather the devil you know...

There were also some discussions about work but I'll leave those for a different post.

On the more positive side, I slept for 12 hours again on Friday night, and almost 9 hours last night, so feeling a bit better again. Trying to drink more fluids. AND we got some awesome RAIN for 2 days in a row!!!!! So it's way cooler now which is awesome. The rest of the week also looks like it will be much better with more rain.

The countdown to my 8 year lungaversary is on! I found some old candles from previous years and I think it makes a pretty cool pic with the new one, Next Sat eve the celebrations start with a dinner with some very special family (even the ones who aren't family by blood might as well have been because I love them so much). The following Friday is the actual anniversary, and we're going to watch Singing in the Rain at Monte Casino with some friends. The Sunday I've invited all my transplant friends over for a braai (BBQ), And on the Saturday we're invited to a birthday party so that's more fun and celebration. So 2 rather busy weekends coming up. Good thing I'm doing nothing this weekend.

Hoping for a good week work-wise and good sleep-study (hopefully it happens this week!) that gives us some answers.


Judy said...

What about getting AC for your house? Is that possible or is it too expensive?

Alice said...

It would be possible but it's not often that it's this hot. Luckily it has cooled down now!

Judy said...

Alice, I know what you mean about not needing it very often. I live 31 miles south of Napa, CA or 35 miles NE of San Francisco and even though we don't have LOTS of hot days, I would just perish I think if I didn't have it! I am so happy that it's cooled down there! Take it easy now and rest!

Alice said...

thanks :-)