Sunday, January 31, 2016

Second weekend in hosp = way better!

A week ago this time I was freaking out in ICU, thank goodness this weekend has been calm and relaxing! Have made lots of progress since last post, off O2 the whole day now, and been walking around the hosp without de-saturating too badly. Appetite back so eating quite a lot. Lungs are definitely back to where they were before the incident, and maybe even better. Antibiotics were however changed yesterday as final biopsy results showed that my Pseudomonas is resistant to the stuff I've been on so far (although I'm much better so clearly it did help at least). Not sure if that means another full 2 weeks in here, will probably find out tomorrow. PICC line still doing well so at least I've only been stabbed by a needle once since that's been in (for drawing blood). Yay

Have had some awesome visitors, I'm sooo spoiled. They were dropping by throughout last week and  Friday night ended with like 6 people here :-) Also got some amazing gifts from work people and spent great time with mom and sis over the weekend, having hair washed, nails done, new pj's, nice food from the coffee shop :-) Trying to move around as much as possible so walked around a bit today, will carry on during the week.

Chris bought me my laptop today and am hooked up to internet now as well. Somehow lost crocheting needle so can't do that at the moment, but so much reading and colouring in to do I'm starting to feel pressurized :-p  Off to bed now, hopefully next week is another good week of recovery.

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Sherry Boyle said...

So happy to hear about this wonderful progress! Keep it up! I continue to pray for your healing.