Thursday, January 7, 2016


I've been soooo tired the last few weeks :-( I've been working rather a lot of over-time, currently we're busy with month-end, difficult deadline for Wednesday, and we're having such a bad heatwave at the moment. Luckily I sit in a office with air-con on the whole day but when I'm not at the office I'm dying. Sleeping with a wet face-cloth on my legs to try and cool off. I haven't had the energy to make supper once this week, so Chris has been great with either making supper or getting us takeout.

Also been struggling more to breathe, might be heatwave-related. Poor heart also racing like crazy, heart-rate was 148 after I took a shower today. Waking up with a headache every morning... so I managed to get my lung check-up moved to tomorrow instead of the 21st. Last week on New Years Eve I felt so crappy, we went home before 11pm. Was nauseous and tired and wanted to go home.

Went for bloods today so that results will be ready tomorrow. Curious to see what all the results are. Just need to survive one more day at work before it's weekend, yay.


Sherry Boyle said...

Praying for you to get some answers soon as to why you are feeling so lousy, Alice. Also hoping your weather cools down soon. We are finally getting some good rain after four long years of drought. So thankful for that!

Alice said...

Thank Sherry! We also had some rain the last two days which was awesome.