Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Small update on me and 2 other CF Bellas

Had a pretty good weekend, didn't do much apart from the picnic at Emmarentia Dam for Pierre's birthday and a trip to the mall with my mom on Sunday. Feeling better than I did on Thursday and Friday, but still have sinus pain/headaches and still feeling a bit more short of breath than I usually do, but have more energy and feeling less "sick".

Update on the two sick CF Bellas that I blogged about previously.... Natalie is doing much better and has gone home, yay! Levern is not doing so well however, see update below made by our mutual CF friend Charlene (on photo below Charlene is on the left and Levern on the right). Please keep her in your thoughts.

I hope you all are well! I would like to ask you a huge favour...my longtime friend LEVERN EDWARDS who is also a cystic fibrosis sufferer is not doing so well in ICU.. she is a fighter like all terminally ill patients are..but I would like you all to give her a helping hand by praying now more than ever! She really needs all the love and support we can give her! I know I have requested this before and I do appreciate all the prayers, love and support so far...! BUT NOW MORE THAN EVER SHE NEEDS GOD!!!! Miracles do happen... being a living one myself like so many others...I know he is listening..! Please share this post so we can get loads more to pray!
Thank you

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