Thursday, April 7, 2016

What's been happening

Been rather busy since we've been back from our holiday, nothing wildly exciting though. Had hair cut.... it's been falling out A LOT in the last few weeks... I'm not sure if it's due to meds I received while in hosp in Jan/Feb, or due to something else.... change of season??? Either way, it's annoying as hell. So I had A LOT cut off. It's just below my shoulders now. Hope the hair-loss will stop soon!

Had a dr's appointment on Friday, lunch with Andrew and a friend from work, a transplant sports meeting and a braai with a friend waiting for transplant and her hubby on Sat, some medical tests yesterday, grocery shopping.... so just STUFF.

I did however find the below very cool items that are very definitely ME:

 I also finished another blanket, and I think it looks great!

Had a rather big medication victory, the antibiotics that I need to nebulise with, Colistin,  has been approved by medical aid :-) It's been a LOT of admin to get this approved, as you also need government approval to be able to use it. You also can't just get it from any pharmacy, it has to come from a specific one, Had my first delivery on Friday, and this is what a month's supply looks like: HAPPINESS!!!!!

It's been pretty cold the last 2 days, so kitties are being snuggle bunnies. When they're not busy terrorising each other that is. Was supposed to see the biokineticist today, but feeling TIRED and bleh. So will go again on Tuesday. No other plans for the weekend.

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