Monday, April 11, 2016

Healing thoughts needed for Bellas

Firstly, I would like to ask for prayer/thoughts for two of the CF Bellas that were featured in our CF calendar last year... Natalie and Levern. They are both pretty seriously sick in hosp right now. Can't even visit due to the seriousness of their infections and the risk of getting their bugs. Please send them healing vibes!!!!

Life has been rather quiet over the last few days, haven't been up to much except go out for brunch with our friends on Sat morning. And feeling REALLY tired, meh. Today was a bit better at least but yesterday I thought I could sleep for a week, and sinuses are soooo sore. Very annoying! At least brunch was really cool!! Tried a new place in Parkview called Croft & Co. The food AND coffee was AMAZING. Was also great seeing Brendan and Andrew again after their skiing trip (jealous!)

Tomorrow it's dermatologist and biokineticist (after I cancelled Thursday's appointment for being too tired). Hopefully less sinus pain and more energy tomorrow! Have a good week people!

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