Sunday, April 17, 2016

Love Life; Gift Life

A few weeks ago, my friend Shaylene and I decided that more needs to be done to raise awareness for organ donation in this country, and that we think we can make a difference. We got fellow lung recipients Fawn and Siobhan involved too, and the result is our new baby Love Life; Gift Life. It is going to be a non-profit organisation (once all the paper-work has been sorted), focusing on sharing the stories of organ recipients and those on the waiting list in South Africa, as well as doing everything in our power to raise awareness as much as we can.

We feel that stories of real people are powerful, and people can relate to it. And that the most important thing regarding organ donation is that you need to SPEAK TO YOUR FAMILY about it, because even if you're registered as an organ donor, your family has the ultimate say, and if they don't know what your intentions were it means NOTHING. 

We are really really passionate and excited  about this. We feel that we can make a difference. I've been passionate about this since I received my lungs over 8 years ago, and it feels like now this will be channeled in the right direction, rather than doing little things here and there trying to promote organ donation as much as I can with random things. 

If you're on Facebook then please like our page, and if you're on Instagram please look for us @lovelifegiftlife . Also, if you're a local transplant recipient or on the waiting list and want to share your story email me at 

Hoping to make a difference... change perceptions and get people to realise that organ donation affects everyone, it's such a small decision to make with potentially such massive benefits to so many people. It's a topic that shouldn't only be discussed once someone in YOUR family needs an organ, or when a loved one passes away and you're suddenly confronted with it. Wish us luck!!! 

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