Friday, February 22, 2008

1month anniversity...

I've had my new lungs for exactly one month today! YAY!!! A month ago this time my surgery just started... This has definitely been the most hectic and life-changing month of my life! But SO worth it!

My Dr's appointment went well this morning, fev1%/'lung function' is 87.9%! Up from last week's 81%! It's positively NORMAL! Going again next Friday.Only did 2km on the bike yesterday, was lazy and didn't sleep well the previous night. Couldn't stop thinking, felt like my thoughts were just racing and couldn't stop! So last night I took a sleeping pill to prevent it from happening again! My thighs are stiff today! And it's going to be worse tomorrow ;-)

Our internet is only going to be up and running in about 2/3 weeks time because Telkom has a 'backlog'! Ugh!!! I've got more than 1700 e-mails to go through and it's getting more by the day. At least it will keep me busy once we do get internet. Until then Antoinette will just copy and paste for me!

My mom and I went to an outside coffee shop again this afternoon to celebrate my 1-month 'birthday'. Had an American Chocolate Brownie!!! And insulin! With my sugars having been all weird except for the past week when they were fine, I haven't had anything sweet to eat during this whole month! And I've been craving it like crazy! I used to eat quite a lot of sweets, since I've always wanted to pick up weight rather than lose it. (except for my 'fat' years when I was 15/16, when I weighed 8kg more than now!) Luckily with my sugar levels being better now I've picked up a kilo since last week and hopefully in the weeks that come I'll pick up another 2/3 kg.

I almost forgot, someone asked about not seeing my scar... You wouldn't see it when I've got clothes on, as it is horizontally accross my chest, on my bra-line. I'll even be able to wear a bikini without it being too noticible! But I'm proud of my scar, so I don't mind.Enough blabbing..

Just want to end off by saying that it's been especially cool the way I've been contacted by CF people and mothers of CF children in South Africa saying that I've given them hope and options for the future. I really want other people with cf to experience this amazing gift, and most of them ARE NOT AWARE OF THIS OPTION! If I hadn't heard about lung transplant through cystic-l on the internet in 2003 I would've died somewhere in this year and probably wouldn't have seen my 24th b-day. So I'm seriously going to do my absolute best to promote it. As well as organ donation. If any of you aren't organ donors yet you better register! 'don't take your organs to heaven because God knows we need them here!'

May you all have a good weekend and may God bless you as much as he's blessing me!


Christy said...
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Christy said...

Sorry! That was me, above, deleting my own comment. Stinking typos! >:0P

Happy 1 month anniversary to you, Miss Alice, along with your new set of lungs. Continued prayers going up for you. >:0)

May God continue to bless you, just as you are blessing others by being a positive example of what God has done for you.

Anonymous said...


This is Lisa from North Carolina. I am thrilled to hear about your progress! We will continue to pray that things go well for you. Please know that although I don't usually comment, I read your blog daily and think you are a great witness to the power of God in our lives. You go girl!

Carla said...

Happy One Month Anniversary!!!
That's AMAZING... and I was surprised to hear that you hadn't heard about lung transplant before cystic-L - Wow. We talk about it all the time here in the states!!! I've known I'm heading towards it ever since I was old enough to get the concept of a lung transplant!!!

I'm so proud of you, and you're so inspiring!!! Keep Going!!!

CFHusband said...

I can't believe it's already been one month!!!

And, you can celebrate even more cause Tricia was listed and activated here in the US today!!!

Anonymous said...

Alice -
Happy Anniversary! Just so great to read about your amazing progress. Yay for the inspiration you give! What is an American versus any other kind of brownie - or are brownies essentially only an American dessert? Just curious. Here is to putting on weight!

Tamara M. said...

Hi Alice,

I'm a dutch girl with Cystic Fibrosis, and I'm on the Dutch transplantlist since oktober 2006.

I've been reading your blog since you've had your transplant. But I was wondering...

You're living in South Africa, but you said in your story that you didn't know about this option until 2003, and still a lot of people don't. How did you get al this started? I'm curious of your story. And are you transplanted in Africa, or somewhere else? And how about hygiene and things like that?

I hope you want to answer all of my questions.

greetings, Tamara

Andy Lawrenson said...


I'm Nathan and Tricia's Uncle. I was thinking earlier today about how you were recovering and I had not visited your blog for a while. (shame one me!)

But I'm glad I stopped by to check in on you. Happy 1 month anniversary. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. Continue to heal and grow stronger!

Gwyneths Great Uncle Andy

Sallie said...

As a liver recipient, I'm with you on being PROUD OF MY SCAR! Now, eight and a half years later I'll still show it to ANYONE who wants to see!

So glad you are doing well. Praise God!

Katelyn said...

Hooray! I am so glad your lung function is so high! What an amazing blessing! Happy 1 month anniversary. :)