Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 is HERE!!!!!!!

Hope you had a great New Years Eve on Wednesday night!!! I definitely had a better one than I have the past few years! Chris and I went to a theme party hosted by friends of Chris (Daniel and Alice) based on the BBC series Allo Allo, so all the food etc was french. VERY yummy. Daniel even wrote/compiled a play/mystery with the caracters of the show, which we acted out in between courses. Will def post some more pics later on!!!

I also went to the optometrist on Wednesday afternoon, as I've managed to lose my glasses about 2 weeks ago, and my eyes have been suffering quite a bit at work. I'm trying the contact lens thing again for the first time in years, but my eye is not liking the air-con!! The good news I got is that my eye has improved!!! (Only my left eye is bad) I really didn't expect this... maybe it's the increased amounts of oxygen in my system??? Anyway, I can't wait to get my new glasses and free pair of designer prescription sunglasses I got with it!!!

Yesterday I just chilled and Chris and I went for a swim at Jenny's place (he's teaching me to dive!!!!), as well the most delicious prawns that Paul brought home! We also watched the last episode of The Heart is Beautiful, which was very touching, as my donor family was on and I saw what my donor looked like... Was pretty emotional as you can imagine, but I'm glad I saw it nevertheless. She was an awesome woman, and my heart goes out to her son and family. I am unbelievable gratefull for their selflessness despite their grief. It was also very good hearing her mom and the rest of the family say that knowing that her life saved people helped them in their grieving and that something good came out of their loss. If they ever wanted to meet me I'd be more than willing, but obviously it might be pretty traumatic for them.

At work again today, but at least it's almost weekend!!! Can't believe a week ago was Boxing day... feels quite far away. Don't have much planned for the weekend, but I'm giving a testimony in church on Sunday morning, so have to prepare for that. Will also definitely be playing some squash and run a bit. Hope your first weekend of 2009 is awesome!!!!

P.S. The pics are New Years last year and this year...

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Anonymous said...

hi daar, ons het die heart episode gekyk, was nogal emosioneel, hoop klomp mense registreer by ODF van die tv reeks af :)
MelVos xx