Sunday, January 18, 2009

BIG WEEK ahead!!!!

So... this weeks I have a few big things happening: Firstly I have my 1 year post transplant check-up. Secondly Thursday is my TRANSPLANTEVERSARY. Thirdly Sat is my qualifying-for-Australia day... So quite a significant week.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be gymming. Thursday I'm relaxing and Chris, my dad and I will be going out for STEAK to celebrate the 1 year of miracle-ness. Resting Friday and Sat morning is the big walk. Still have to confirm a time though, but will be early in the morning. Not sure what of the weekend's going to entail, but definitely lots of celebtrations!

This weekend's been great too. Friday night we just chilled and watched a DVD. Sat we played squash and went to an 18th birthday party (the guy's birthday's actually on the 22nd, same as my anniversary!) which was VERY cool. It was also me and Chris's 3 month anniversary yesterday, so we went out for lunch today. All in all a very relaxing weekend.

Anyway, I'm off to church now... have a good week!


Kelly said...

Wow! A year already? Your strength of character and zest for life is awesome and wonderful to read about. Hope you have a good week and transplanteversary :-)

Michelle Jamie said...

so glad you've made it to your one year aniversary!!

I tried to make contact with you last year when you were in JHB and you mentioned that you were lonely but I think being caucious is a wise thing.

Even though its an eventful week hope you enjoy it!!