Monday, January 12, 2009

The start of another week...

The end of last week and my weekend's been great. Firstly, on Friday things began moving along regarding organising mt 3km race walk to qualify for the WTG... I'm still waiting for a final confirmation, but seems like it will be Sat the 24th... quite fitting seeing as it's 2 days after my 1 year transplanteversary! Pretty nervous about it... want to qualify SOOO BADLY! Will be training almost every day.

Friday evening we just watched DVD, Sat morning I did some shopping (nothing exciting, just exercise pants and internet stuff and going to bank and a birthday present for someone etc.), Sat afternoon Chris and I played some squash and did 2km on the treadmill. Sat evening we went to Montecasino and saw Defending the Caveman (part of my Xmas present from him!) and had THE BEST BURGER EVER afterwards. The show was very funny and I enjoyed it a lot. The burger was so delicious my mouth is literally watering thinking about it... Had a Jalapino (spelling?) and Mustard Burger with a Greek Salad. Heaven....

Yesterday was just as cool. Chilled and did nothing during the morning, and had lunch with Paul and Jenny and some of her family. Yet again, the food was so great... roast beef and roast potatoes and yummy veggies and choc pudding with fresh berries afterwards... DELICIOUS!!!!!! Mmmmm... should diet or something this week, lol!

My dad came back from PE after his LONG holidaylast night, so now I'm not alone in the flat anymore. And other good news... my glasses seem to be ready today, so will be picking them up after work!!!!!!!! My poor eyes will be SOOO happy. Hate my stupid contact lens (I have a bad left eye, so wear only 1 contact lens), and if I don't wear him my poor right eye suffers cos he has to do all the work!

Hope your week is cool, especially to all those lucky people who had a holiday and are back at work today! Unfortunately I don't have much sympathy, lol!

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drained in sj said...

Well, I continue to hope you qualify and make it to Australia. I am always impressed with what you have accomplished.