Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Not much happening in Wonderland, had another nice long-weekend. Friday I had lunch with a friend and did some shopping for US trip. Ended the public holiday with a braai at Brendan's place. Had supper at my parents' place on Saturday after spending the day chilling around the house. Had some amazing macarons that Chrislie and Pierre brought back from their Paris trip. YUM.

We stuffed up our VISA appointment last week.... had it written down and saved on phone as being at 10am on the 29th. However when we got there we realised our appointment was the previous day! No idea how we both could have gotten it wrong, but we were a day late. We were able to reschedule for the 13th. Hopefully this time we get it right.

Feeling a bit crap today, SUPER tired. Will be going to bed early and hopefully feel better tomorrow. The way I'm feeling now the CF walk is definitely not happening on Sat.

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