Sunday, May 17, 2015

5 years in our house !

This weekend 5 years ago we moved into our house! It was the most amazing feeling ever! (Even though I didn't actually live there before our wedding in Aug). Looking back at the pics of how empty it was and how bad the garden looked, we've come a long way and it really feels like HOME now. I would be very reluctant to move away from here! (The two flowers below are blooming in my garden at the moment.... I planted them years ago but they died... However since we cut our big tree in half last year a lot of previously "dead" plants have made a come-back!)

Feeling LOTS better than last weekend, can go upstairs at home again without feeling like I need to catch my breath, so that's good. If things can just stay the way they are now for the next 2 months that will be GREAT. Also feeling a lot more energised (although come Monday at work I will realise not fully back to normal yet!) Also back to my normal Prednisone dose from today, thank goodness. Horrible drug. Antibiotics will continue until next Sunday.

Went to a lovely kitchen tea yesterday afternoon for a friend getting married in 2 weeks' time. Was very nice with AMAZING eats. Can't wait for the wedding. Parents coming over for lunch today, so I need to start deciding what we're going to eat! Wish me luck for being back at work this week... first day back always feels so hard!

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