Friday, May 29, 2015

Break-in, Charlene's transplant and 6 weeks to go!

So as mentioned in my last post, we had a break-in in the early hours of Monday morning. We were woken up at 2am by the sound of breaking glass. Chris looked out the window and saw a guy wearing a red balaclava jumping over our wall and run down the alley behind our complex. We called the police and went downstairs with the Police still on the line. At first we saw nothing out of place, so we told the Police all is fine and that we can't see anything wrong. Then we went into the dining room (that we always lock because the cats ruin the chairs in there and they can open doors) and saw broken glass everywhere and Chris's laptop gone....

We called the Police again and they were there pretty fast. The guy kicked in one of the bottom window panes, grabbed the laptop and ran. It all happened within seconds. I went back to bed with 3 scared kitties while Chris did all the official stuff with the Police. We didn't really manage to sleep again, which is a bummer as I JUST felt rested and had some energy again after being sick. So Monday was pretty tough in the staying awake department! The whole week basically consisted of getting insurance claims done, replacing the window and having electric fencing for the front wall of our complex organised. Luckily we aren't scared now and didn't having trouble sleeping again or anything since then, but we have learnt our lesson about leaving laptops downstairs! We make a point of taking my laptop upstairs with us at night (there is a security gate at the bottom of the stairs)... we did it before but we weren't as good with it as we will be now!

I have taken up a new hobby recently.... crocheting!!! I really love it and it will keep me occupied in the future when lungs are unhappy being too active. This one below was my second attempt (first attempt to be revealed later), it's for my sister for her birthday (which is on July.... I was really excited about it clearly!). So all friends and family should expect blankets from now on LOL :-p

Some super exciting and amazing news.... my CF friend Charlene got lungs on Tuesday!!!! She is doing really well so far, and was extubated after less than 48 hours post surgery. It is just SUCH AMAZING timing, as she was telling me on Monday that she is REALLY struggling, with a lung function of 16%, and didn't know how much longer she would be able to cope. I was SSSOOOOO HAPPY when I woke up on Tuesday morning and saw the news. Praying all continues to go well!

Please also send prayers and positive thoughts for Jenna, who had her transplant in December and is still in hospital. She has had unimaginable complications and her survival spirit is soooooo strong. I would NEVER survive almost 6 months of being in hospital and all the emotions connected to the ups and downs they have experienced. What a brave girl and strong family.

Today is officially 6 weeks before we leave for our trip!!!! Very very excited. Also slightly nervous as a few sick people at work.... hopefully my flu shot will do it's job. Next week is month-end again at work, but I'm excited for every week that passes now as it's one week closer to 10 July!!! Also aiming to get to gym on Sunday, and tomorrow we're going to a wedding that is going to be AWESOME at Hartebeespoortdam. Tonight supper with the parentals.

Have a good weekend!!!

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