Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day, 2 months and lungs

Been an EXTREMELY fast weekend, it's INSANE that it is over already :-( I didn't even get to sleep late properly :-(. uuuggghhhhh

Mother's Day lunch was great though (apart from Chris missing it due to being sick). My sis made yummy food and it was just great discussing all our travels (parentals are also going overseas soon!). Poor Chris caught a bad cold/flu at work and has been suffering for last 3 days now. I cannot believe I haven't gotten sick between him and all the sick people at work!!! Bloody immune system is too strong :-(

Fed a friend of mine's two doggies for the weekend, two awesome black spaniels! Took them for a short walk with my sis. Made me COMPLETELY out of breath... meh. She took over and took them for a short run while I waited for them. It's really felt like I am struggling more to breathe with exercise these last few days... making me stress!!!!! Today in exactly 2 months time we leave for San Fran. Lungs need to stick it out till then! Seriously!!! We've waited long for this so BEHAVE!!! You also know winter is here when they start burning the grass in Joburg..... which was the case at Albert's Farm where we walked the dogs. You can see the smoke on my pic below (edited using my new iPhone!). The buildings in the background is Rosebank.

My car is going in to be fixed this week after my bumper-bashing a few weeks ago, Wednesday is VISA day (take two), and hoping Chris get better! Also might try to see dermatologist again as one of the little warts he burnt off a while ago seems to be growing bask. Annoying!!!! Anyways... hopefully a productive week!!!

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