Monday, June 2, 2008

3 pics from the weekend!

Finally managed to get the pics on!! They were taken on my phone, but the quality is suprisingly good!!! They are of us having cake and coffee at the best shopping place ever... WorldWear... they have lots of designer shops selling designer goods at CHEAP prices... will definitelly go there when I need new summer clothes or new gym stuff. Have got plenty of winter stuff!


Katelyn said...

That dessert cake thing is making my mouth water! It looks like you had fun!

Cindy said...

That dessert looks amazing! Just curious, but how cold does it get there during winter?

(From Ohio, USA)

Alice said...

Cindy... I'm not sure how cold Joburg is going to get, but where I come from in PE the winter day temp is about 16degrees C, and night temps about 6 degrees. But here it gets quite a bit colder, so I'm not too enthusiastic about it.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured Joburg has the best weather in winter! Clear blue skies,no rain or wind or thunder storms...ok so 0 degrees is cool.PGW

Jim Gerl said...


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Jac said...

Hmmmm....that chocolate cake looks good! 16c in winter? That's about our average summer temp...I am very jealous :-)

jac xx

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with alice. PE winter is about 19-23 degrees during the day.

Gaan ons ook na daardie designer plek wanneer ek kom kuier? Daardie koek/tert wat julle geƫet het lyk heerlik! Nog net 'n week van eksamen oor dans ek op ook op vakansie.

Chrislie (Alice's sister)

Dragonfly said...

That cake looks awesome. And I heart clearance stores.