Friday, June 27, 2008

The parentals are on their way to Italy so we're FREE for 2 weeks!!!!!!

YYYAAAAYYYY!!!!! Two weeks of freedom!!! Just me and Chrislie... in our own little appartment... bliss...

What else? Yesterday we went to have coffee and did some window shopping. We also went to the same mall for supper this evening, to celebrate our 2-week independance. Had the most delicious chicken kebabs, and afterwards browsed around in a bookstore, which is a horrible idea, because I just want to buy all the books... A lady also came up to me asking if I was Alice Vosloo... first I thought someone recognised me from the O article, but turns out she's my aunt who stays in New Zealand's sister, and just recognised me from pics! Almost though I'm a celebrity there for a moment, lol!

My blood results also came back last night... Everything is fine, but the Prograf level still low, although it has improved from last time!! Also blew on the new machine that measures Nitric Oxide, and the result was 18 this week (was 20 last week), so that's also good.Tomorrow we're going to the zoo!!! I've only been to a zoo once before in my life, and never to the Joburg Zoo, so looking forward to that a lot!

I appologise for the quality of the pics, my parents have taken the camera with them, so the only thing we have to take digital pics with is my phone!!

P.S. Someone asked about an autographed copy of the O mag... I am really flattered SO MUCH by it, but my financial situation due to my unemployed-ness does not allow for me sending mags to the states!! However much I would love to do that, really!!!


Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well for you Alice. Is the Oprah magazine with your article only available in Africa?


Anonymous said...

ek wil ook zoo toe gan ..... ons moet volgende week gan!!!!!!!! *antoinette

Katelyn said...

My parents went away for about 10 days the other month and I loved every single moment of it. Enjoy your freedom!!

Rene said...

Hallo Alice en Chrislie
Lees wat julle doen in Italie, ek gaan ons gmail dophou, julle kan nuus daarna stuur. Baie warm, amper soos Jansenville hitte, net ook bietjie vogtig.
Lekker gevlieg, lank gewag of Frankfurt.
Lekker kuier, ons mis julle.