Monday, June 2, 2008

Almost 100 000 visitors!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I've almost had 100 000 visitors since 7 Jan!!!!!!! That is A LOT.... seriously... The rest of the weekend was just as cool as the first part. Supper at Paul's (my physician) house was really great. We left there at 01:00 am! His little 4 year-old girl is SOOO CUTE!!! But she's a handfull... don't know how people my age manage being parents and having a full-time job etc... Kids are great, as long as you can hand them back to their parents!!

Yesterday morning Louz and I went to see a movie, What Happens in Vegas. Was really very funny!!! Afterwards we went to the Randburg Waterfront and had a late lunch/early supper with Suzanne and her husband Chris. Was nice, the place reminds me of the Boardwalk casino in PE.. only with some more dodgy-looking people here... had a very nice rib-burger and the most delicious dessert!!

Today I went to visit my medical aid, Compcare Wellness's headoffice in Sunninghill. I've been with them since forever, but they've never met me, so it was very nice meeting everyone!!! They even had scones and coffee for me!! Louz and I are having dinner at Craig's house (guy from church), so that should be very nice!

I can't get the pics to load up onto the blog!!!!! Don't know what the hell is wrong, but I'll try again tomorrow...

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Gizela said...

AG NEE!! Ek wou so nommer 100 000 gewees het en nou is ek te vroeg en moet huis toe gaan! En al die mense in die Amerikas gaan nou vanaand jou blog lees en more trek jy ver oor 100 000! Ai ai... sal maar probeer vir 200 000...hehehe..
Mooi bly, lekker aand, koud hier en seker vriesend by julle!