Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Mentally speaking today is not a good day for me. Got another rejection e-mail concerning a job I applied for. NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING OUT DAMMIT!!!!!! It feels like everyone underestimates me or something. And now I feel like crying.

So because I've got no news, I'll just post some pics that my dad took this weekend for work. (he's an architect). They're pics of Ndebele architecture..


Billy said...

Excuse the ignorance but what job are you looking for?

Katelyn said...

I'm so sorry there was another rejection letter. You'll get a job, I know it. By the way, cool picture of the Ndebele architecture.

Anonymous said...

I get knocked down,
but I get up again,
you're never going to keep me down!!
Sing it Alice!! Over and over, it's just another way of saying your own slogan "bring it on"!!
The businesses that are saying no to you right now are doing so under Divine instruction. Just practice one of the fruits of the spirit - patience, and the Lord will reveal His purpose for you in His time. Just concentrate on what you're doing - making your body stronger and stronger. You'll see.
There is a lot of Love out there focused on you. You are not alone.
In Love. Peter Leid (CF Man)

Alice said...

Billy... I'm an accountant (without experience), but love working with people and being out and about, so my mind's not fixed on an accounting job. Would actually love a PR type job.

Gizela said...

Hallo Doll!
Share your frustration...dalk moet ons 'n besigheid begin...mm...
Sterk wees - ek weet jy gaan nog groot dinge bereik!
Lekker aand.

Destini said...

Don't get discouraged! There will be something that comes along that will be perfect for you. Unfortunately, God doesn't conform to our time table. As your friend Peter said, it will happen in His time. Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

I completely share your frustration...I have had over 7 rejections in the past week or two for jobs.
BUT...God is good and faithful...and He has no way brought you this far to leave you where you are. He has the perfect job for you, using you powerfully, and He will open that door for you.
You are so amazing!