Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm off to Pretoria.

You won't hear from me again before Monday, as we are going to visit my grandfather in Pta for the long-weekend!! And I'm going out with a Pta friend of mine tonight, so looking forward to that a lot!! And tomorrow the rest of the family are coming over for lunch at my grandfather's place. Should be very nice indeed.

I've been invited to be an "exclusive health blogger " at It seems like they are busy launching a CF health community. This should be very interesting!!

Don't have much more news... yesterday was a great day, gym was fantastic, and spent a lovely afternoon and evening with 2 new friends, Craig and his sister Bronwyn. So happy to have met 2 such wonderfull people!!

And to all the dads reading this: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!! (for Sunday)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Early Bird!! Have a wonderfull time wth your friends and family in Pta. I'm here in the Waterberg with mine @ Zebula. Life's GREAT isn't it? Peter Leid (CF Man)