Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday and The Zoo

For some reason I didn't really take any pics, so you'll just have to live without it! Will remember next time I go to the zoo...

So yesterday was great! Went to the zoo with Jenny and Aerin, who is just too cute and smart for words. It is really big, so we only checked out about half of it, and watched the polar bears being fed. I really don't like the idea of animals in captivity, but these animals were all rescued, and have large enclosures. No cages or anything.Then we had lunch, and Paul, Byron and Caitlin joined us. Very nice and lazy in the sun!!

I went to a party last night. Didn't know anyone there, except a friend of Annelie's. It would have been better if I knew some more people, as the music was too hard to really have a conversation with anyone, and it was too cold to be outside for long. So I didn't stay too late, which would please my mom when she reads this.

Today is just a lazy day... went to buy some food, and now I have to do some writing (WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!), and we might get KFC or something for lunch. Can't wait for tomorrow, when ANTOINETTE IS COMING!!!!

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