Monday, June 9, 2008

Annelie's visit so far!

Because my sister has been complaining, it seems like I have to do another update. She is busy studying for her Management Accounting Exam that she is writing tomorrow. We are really missing her and wishing she was also here!!

Yesterday morning it was gym as per usual. I am also rowing at the gym now, and slowly have to start exercising my arm muscles again, in preperation for SQUASH!!!! After gym, Annelie and I went to do a bit of shopping, then we had yummy steak pie for lunch, and had coffee at my physician Paul's house in the afternoon. It was VERY nice.
Today we were a bit lazy and had a slow start, but then managed to drag ourselves out of the flat for some more shopping. Got great black suede boots!!!!!!! Nice and warm for this freezing weather!!!! Thanks Annelie...
This afternoon we're visiting my Aunty Deanie (think that's how you spell it, if it's not, I'll change it!!). That's also going to be very nice!!! And tomorrow's my mom's BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Can't wait!!!
P.S. When I opened the blog yesterday, I was visitor # 102 000. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Gelukkie verjaarsdag Mev. Vosloo!!
Peter Leid (CF Man)

Rene said...

Dear Mr Leid
Thank you for the birthday wishes.