Friday, June 20, 2008

Chrislie's first day in the Big Smoke!!

Today was great!!! First we went to the hosp, so that I could do the usual x-rays, lung functions, get blood results, visit Aviva etc etc. Was much more fun with her tagging along! Blood results looking better than last week. White and red blood cell count up (white was way too low), heamogloben normal (was a bit low too). The only problem is that my Prograf (anti-rejection med) levels are too low, so that has been increased! Other than that everything is perfect!! FEV1% is 96 point something %. My Dr also bought this fancy machine that measures the nitric oxide (I can't remember much chemistry from school I think that is what it is...) that you breathe out, and this may be able to predict rejection!!!! This is great news, and brings down my stress levels a bit, because if I blow into it every week, I shouldn't have any problems. Anyhow, my levels were low (in this case low levels are good!!!), so that is excellent.

We then had lunch at 44 Stanley Street, at a little place called Salvation Café, which is delightful. The food is lovely, and had to finish my sister's food for her as well... Then we went shopping!!! And the best thing is that I got a SQUASH RACQUET!!!!! I've been given the go-ahead to go play squash again, after years of not being able to do so!!! Hopefully the guy I'm wanting to play with has some free time next week...

We're leaving for the funeral tomorrow morning, and I'm driving back in the afternoon, as we're going to be celebrating Suzanne's 24th birthday tomorrow night!!! Can't wait for that, going to be lots of fun.

Just having a quiet evening at home tonight, seems like I've tired Chrislie out a bit! Shame... must be hard keeping up with me ;-)

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Bree said...

AHA I LOVE IT!! I'm glad your sis is having trouble keeping up with you! That's so exciting.

I bought the latest issue of Cosmo (UK edition - American one is ok) and they featured naked soccer players (and a canadian actor!). I wonder if Squash players look that good naked.

I guess you'll have to find out for the both of us.